Finding Stories

‘Where did you find this story ?’,  ‘ Do you make them up in your mind ?’

These are often asked questions to which most storytellers  ( those who tell and write…both) cannot give  very satisfactory answers.  It is a creative process which is unique for each one and cannot be compared with another.

Stories are there around us all the time ready to disclose themselves only if  we are ready to recognise them. Our everyday life is full of stories.. .. events become a story when we put a little colour … spice it up with the right words …..add dollops of emotions   ..and tell them from our heart .And as the very true story ends the listener sighs ..’oh ! why doesn’t it happen in my life… you seem to have so much fun … my life is so boring..’

No it isn’t .


Stories come alive in the most common places… in the bus in which you travel daily, on the roads.. in cafe’s where you get you regular cup of filter coffee… in your drawing room.. even in the kitchen . I HAVE HEARD THE MOST AMAZING STORIES HERE.

Stories are always happening.. we are surrounded by them… it is just the fact that we are not patient enough to listen or we do not have the luxury of time so busy we are with our daily chores , that we just ignore them.

A storyteller makes a conscious effort to listen , pick them up and presents them with love and care and then you say WOW!! WHAT A STORY!!….. and a writer/ storyteller is born


‘Stories do not grow on trees

that you will pluck one when you want..

stories are in people’s heart and mind

in the corners ,hidden, playing hide and seek ,

like a naughty little child,

hiding but eagerly waiting to be found.’



Shreya Biswas    30th April 2014

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